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Where's the Proof in You?


“It’s better to think of my life like that— part miracle, part madness. It’s better if I accept that I can’t control any of the things that matter. My life is a trail of shipwrecks and set-sails. There are no arrivals, no destinations; there are only sandbanks and shipwreck; then another boat, another tide.”

--- Jeanette Winterson, Lighthousekeeping

Songs for the Savior of Storybrooke, long may she reign

26 tracks
2 comments on Where's the Proof in You?

god this mix is so incredible, it's so well thought out and there are so many devastatingly perfect songs, Soldier has always been a song that's reminded me of Emma and coming across it on this mix was equally delightful and painful

I found this mix, liked the title, and hit play: first song to come up is "The Tower" and I'm like "damn this person has taste" then I recognized you as the maker of "We Send Starships" and all was clear. Lovely job!!!!!! <3