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A Beautiful Life (An Undertale Pacifist Playlist)


It's been an amazing journey full of laughter, tears, hopes, dreams and some of the best friends we ever could have imagined. We'll never forget the wonders we've seen, the beauty we've shared, and the heroes we've become. Even when we had the choice to take the harsh way, we stayed soft, hopeful, and alive.

We did the hardest thing in the world: Trust. We gained love.

We saved everyone. We even saved ourselves.

And we were never alone. Our fall was broken, every time.

The sun may come up, and go down again. I'll still swear...


Lovely cover image by, my text added. Used/edited with artist's permission and found here:

14 tracks
3 comments on A Beautiful Life (An Undertale Pacifist Playlist)

This was absolutely lovely. These songs fit so well it was like they were written for the game. Excellent pics.

@Pragula Oh gosh, thank you so much! That means so much. Music is so important and just. The most important expression I can even give of love and a feeling of something, you know? Thank you.