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Two Magicians Shall Appear in England (Part 2)


A score for the book 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell'

Each track corresponds to a particular part of the book. (see track annotations)

EDIT: After disappearing without warning (Too much Alexandre Desplat apparently) Part 2 is back up! 'Patronus Light' is missing though (Too much John Williams this time) Enjoy!

SECOND EDIT: I've also had to remove track 4, which was 'Winter Nights' The Girl With The Pearl Earring OST and was titled 'A Tincture of Madness' in my new track listing.

8 tracks
3 comments on Two Magicians Shall Appear in England (Part 2)

This whole playlist is beautiful and perfect and I absolutely love it. It tells the story all over again, and takes me back to the first time I read it. Great job. (One thing - I think that the annotations for "Polyjuice Potion" and "Lily's Theme" are missing? Just pointing that out.)

I finished the book, so here I am. This mix is making me feel the excitement all over again. Cheers :) (by the way, would you maybe consider adding a note to each track saying which part it corresponds to? that way it wouldn't be necessary to check the link for each one :)