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The Defense


I can't stop listening to this voice in my head
Got me tearing through the covers on this rusty spring bed
Bust through the doors
Flames kissing my back
That's all I remember and then everything's black
You know, it sounds so familiar
Some place hot in my soul
Hello transmission: now you're in control

I look up
I look down
Everybody's bathing in Holy Water
Ain't enough going around
Raise their cups
Wear their crowns
You're sitting on a gold-stained altar
Feel the jungle
youth sound.

I woke in a fever taste the blood in my mouth
My eyes bruised shiny purple and I'm riddled with doubt
It feels so peculiar, boiling hot in my soul
Farewell transmission: not meant for this world.

–– Young the Giant ––

(album art by Ann Simpson)

15 tracks