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Bury Me

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I'm sure you've heard it before, but you are the only reason that I'm still on 8tracks. I adore your playlists-- There isn't a way to describe where they take me. Il Mostro is my favorite playlist and I've been wearing it out for 2 years. I moved to another country a few months ago and didn't listen to 8tracks for a while and suddenly I realized the changes they've made to this site. I'm SO disappointed because I want to listen to your playists while I cook, while I drive, while I get ready in the morning and now everything is so limited. If you ever take your playlists elsewhere please let me know. I'll follow you anywhere! Thank you

i know you've probably answered this a hundred times, but where do you find your music? i always look forward to every mix of yours and listen to it on repeat for the next week! you do an amazing job setting a mood and sticking to it throught the entire playlist! and your playlists are always so heavily layered with emotion

@jngn It's really a lot of digging and time spent on music blogs. Believe me it takes a long time to get a good (or at least try to get a good) mix put together. Spotify is a good place to start. Pick one artist or song you like and work from there!

@thewhitediamond that makes sense, you put a lot of work into your mixes and that is very much noticeable. thank you for your dedication! trust me they are all more than good mixes