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I Stole Myself A Time Lord, And Ran Away

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Here's one for all the other Whovians out there.
Hitchhike to a far off galaxy with a mad man and his box, save worlds upon worlds and remember:
Don't ever blink, and run!

  • I Am The Doctor by Eleven
  • madeleine peyroux by Madeleine Peyroux
  • Doctor Who Series 5 Soundtrack by Doctor Who series 5 Soundtrack
  • Heal (Hymn Of The Eleventh) by Paola Bennet
    The Lovely Paola Bennet, who's got two of her own songs written about the Doctor in this playlist. Love her to death.
  • They Can't Take That Away From Me by Ella Fitzgerald
  • Merry's Song/The Long Song by The Rings of Akhaten
  • The Long Song (With Dr's Speech) by Doctor Who Music
    Always bawling my eyes out over this one
  • Little Amy by 1
  • Days of Glory by Paola Bennet
  • Doomsday Theme by Pongsakorn Udornsathit
  • Amy Pond Theme by themac2001
  • The Doctor's Themes by Aeroferal
  • Clara Oswald (letter to Clara) by chris4ord
  • Abigail's Song by Katherine Jenkins
  • Series 8 (Deep Breath) Unreleased Music by Doctor Who
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