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Meet Me In The Woods


Sit back and enjoy the sounds of thunder and rain, of wildlife amid the trees and the faint whispering of leafs.
Of animals calling each other, seeking their flock out.

Perfect to have playing in the background whilst you're studying but can't quite focus with music playing, or when reading that book you just picked up.
To help sooth you to sleep or just remind you to breathe.

  • Rain Sound By Clapping by BuzzFeed
  • Forest (Day) by Neon_Samurai
  • Forest (day) by Jano Manzali
  • Wolves and Black Throated Loon by nordicnature
  • Rain sound effects by gunpanda
  • Various bird calls at Swan Reach CP, South Australian riverland by Southern Soundscapes
  • Windchimes, Rain, Wind, Thunderstorm by acoustic_mirror
  • Rainfall Ambient Music by Sounds of Nature
  • First Dream Called Ocean by Helios
  • Via padana superiore by Timoria
  • To See by Keith Kenniff
  • All The Ships by Umber
  • Waking Up Next to Her [FREE DL in Description] by allbroke
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4 comments on Meet Me In The Woods

I adore this mix. I'm not from the country per-say, just a small town, but I used to go out to my grandfather's house all of the time, which was in the middle of the woods. It was like a second home and I miss being there sometimes.This mix helps a lot. A new favorite. <3

I really like this. I live in the desert now but originally I'm from a tropical place. I miss the sounds of nature and this is going to be a favourite mix.