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Powerful Movie Scores


From those parts of the movies where the music sets shivers down your spine.
Write that epic scene, see the setting before you and feel the inspiration vibrating through your fingers.

Including music from Studio Ghibli, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, the Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings franchises, as well as a mix of the best movie/game scores ever made - according to me.

Hope you enjoy!

37 tracks
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Ok, this is killing me. The song you have labelled "Luomo" by Vladislav Delay. Where is that from? That artist apparently uses Luomo as a pseudonym and his style seems to be very different from the track to which that label is attached, so that might be a mislabeling. It's killing me because I know I've heard that theme somewhere, I just can't place it. Lol help. The mix is beautiful, by the way. It covers all the bases, brilliantly. I need the answer here. I can almost see the scene in the movie that it's from, I just can't quite see it clearly enough. It's agonizing!

@rowanwolfe @bo_kelley06 Almost positive it is from a Harry Potter movie ( I have listened to enough of their film scores that I can usually label which movie it went to). If I am thinking right, it was from one of the deathly hallows movies.

Hey can I ask you, if you approve of course, to add a track from Interstellar? In my opinion, that's the only thing that has the power to make this incredible playlist even better!

You've added some new tracks in there since the last time I listened to this! :) As always, superb taste in music. I love every second of it.