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With Hair Forged in Fire


A playlist inspired by Game of Thrones Ygritte, with dresses made of the finest silk from Tralalalaleeday.

Including music from Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls, Lord of the rings and of course - Game of Thrones.
A very reading/study friendly playlist - hope you enjoy!

17 tracks
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I'm a very stupid person and I like to write what all playlists do to me. I was just stuck in a scene kiss between two elves and every song here made my head explode in feelings and imagination. After two weeks (yes I'm stuck in this scene have two weeks) I finally finished it — thank you and your songs, of course. Thank you so much for posting this, you don't know how grateful I am right now. It couldn't be better <3 keep doing like this.

@legolasy Oh I love that you wrote out what my playlist did to you/for you. I'm ever so happy it could inspire and help you, and I hope the kiss scene turned out to be everything you imagined it to be! Thank you for listening, and writing. <3