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Artis: the Machine Kingdom


A land that fought the great war with steam powered machines, not magic. The scent of thick oil and the deep bass of grating metal floats through the streets.

Ruled by Princess Dorothy, a girl with an iron heart.

World 6.

  • Level Up by A Witch's Tale
  • The Lupine Waltz by Real Tuesday Weld
  • It Pours by The Flashbulb
  • The Seconds Drag by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
  • Act 1 S1 Overture by Paul Shapera
  • Fantasy on Gymnopédie #1 (Satie/eO) by eO - soundsliketree
  • Legend Of Korra Main Theme (Music Box Version) Credit* by starburstgirl
  • Machine Memory by A Witch's Tale OST
8 tracks
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