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2017: MAY


[my monthly personal selection of songs by female korean artists]

While this month was less exciting than april or march we still had a few good comebacks.

On the groups front we have UNNIES, TWICE, Real Girls Project (girl group made for the IDOLM@STER K-drama), APRIL, Gugudan and Sistar.

There were many amazing indie/chill songs from solo artists like EXY/Euna Kim (formerly from THE ARK), Flowing, Sohee (member of the new group Elris), OVCOCO, OOHYO, Hayana (formerly from EVOL) and 2 of my favourites for this month: JIDA with her soothing and mystical song (track 3) and LOONA's newest member's, Kimlip's, solo (track 18).

30 tracks
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