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Unrequited•girls version•


"Love is a very strong emotion, and you really cannot control, you can’t just switch it off. Even when your mind and your logical thinking tells you that you should not love that person anymore and that you should not feel all that affection towards him or her, your heart might still feel the same way. "

※ Not all songs are related to unrequited love but i think that bc some had the same sad vibe, i just added up. ※

  • Hiiro No Kakera Opening FULL [Nee by Fujita Maiko]
  • [Noragami] Heart Realise by Tenpouin D. Rei
  • Promise You by hiiro no kakera OST
  • 美しきもの by Utsukushiki mono
  • 01 Q&A リサイタル! by Anderson Pika
  • かたおもい by チャラ
  • 昼の月 by Akino Arai
  • Endless Tears (HD by 【MAD】Love Is A Beautiful Pain [喜欢你真的好痛苦]
8 tracks
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