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Goa nd Strive Full It


A very fast paced Goa trance mix. Great for dancing, running, working out or just plain groovin'. It's a lot of fun and a lot of energy. 14 Tracks with songs by artists like Vibe Tribe, 1200 Micrograms and Astrix. Total time- 1:47:20 Enjoy, and Dance on.

13 tracks
4 comments on Goa nd Strive Full It

Oh I'm getting into this now. Clubroot hit the spot and Jaïa spaced me right out. thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone good sir, definitely enjoyed hearing some different sounds!

Sample in the second Asrix cut reminds me of Skinny Puppy. (yo yo scrape) Not going to be able to finish this mix today but will definitely be back as I dig the start.