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a punch in the gut.


when the world, time, or your friends aren't on your side.

when the wind is knocked out of you, and the rain pours down.

when even your backlit computer screen is mocking you.

it can get worse, but you sure pray it doesn't.

  • And Then There Were None by Super Movies Band
  • Front Porch Step "Island Of The Misfit Boy" by Pure Noise Records
  • In This Shirt by The Irrepressibles
  • (All's Well That Ends) In Medias Res by Los Campesinos!
  • Yulia by Princess Chelsea
  • I Know It's Over by The Smiths
  • Everybody's A Romantic by Super Movies
  • ZH Vocal Track by Dance On Our Graves
  • How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her? by Modern Baseball
  • Tomorrow Will Be Kinder By The Secret Sisters A Capella by theycallmehaley
10 tracks
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