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Remember when "emo" was a thing?!


I just found an old mixed CD my best friend made me in seventh grade and HELLO THROWBACK. Seriously, I was silently embarrassed for my preteen self. Is this really what the early-mid 2000s brought us? Emo and myspace?! Horrifying! (sorry Tom, it's true) Anyway, here are some songs that'll instantly bring you back to a time your brain has since selectively forgotten. RIP Emo. (too soon?)

21 tracks
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damnnnn this brings back memories. I seen pretty much all these bands live at one point. flashbacks to the 02' warped tour. I'm 30 now.... ah the good old days. going to see hidden in plain view and the early November next weekend! ahhhh nostalgia!

Wonderful playlist! I'm not ashamed of anything, I love coming back to those tracks that filled my crappy mp3 player back then :)