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Pop Punk AF


People who don't like pop punk haven't been listening to the right songs.

A compilation of my personal favorites, from Bowling For Soup to You Me At Six. Enjoy, babes.

Includes the occasional alt or rock song.

(cover by me but you can use it if you credit me. :D)

21 tracks
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You know when old people like certain songs and you can totally tell is their kind of music and they probably used to listen and dance to them all the time when they were young and nowadays, you respect those songs and are considered classics but don't really get into that type of music maybe because is really old people music and you don't fully get it? well, I think that in the future, I will be that old person and my grandkids will not understand why or how much I love the songs you put on this playlist but I'll still shake my old head to the sound of these songs.