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cuddling is totally punk

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Ok well I fell asleep listening to music last night so I had my headphones in the whole night and I don't remember all of it but anyways, i was at like a party thing or something and my classmates were there and I forgot what happened but I started like crying and roger rabbit was playing and I woke up from the dream and roger rabbit was playing on your playlist lol. Then I went back to sleep and I ended up in like the same party room thing and there was like a lot of peanut butter m&ms and some really creepy tall old guy with like stringy white hair and was taking pictures and idek where he's from but I've seen him before so I like went to my friends and told them to look at him and he turned around and like have me a really weird state and started running towards us. So we started running a away and ended up in the desert somewhere next to like a shack and all of a sudden I see like these three bodies in the ground and someone told me one of them was like ten feet tall and like four feet of him was sticking out of the ground and the other six feet was like in the dirt and that's when six feet under the stars started playing and I'm honestly so confused about everything bc I don't even remember it all