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Chill Rap/Hip-Hop


Features stuff like Kid Ink, CuDi, Mac Miller, F. Ocean, Posner, Weeknd, Lupe, Wiz, J. Cole, Hoodie, etc. I'll add more that I come across over time. Listen through it all, there's a pretty good variety, some older stuff and newer stuff too. Probably gonna make a second part to it.

Usually more of a fan of upbeat stuff, but I could still listen to this music pretty much any time of the day, especially at night though. Enjoy, any feedback appreciated. :)

26 tracks
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hell yea. i wanna get my music on one of ur mixes. we have the same taste. u should check out this free album i just released.

I'll check out your stuff man, haven't made a mix in a while but I'll probably add it to the next one! Glad we have similar taste :)