The software of bellows hose and finned bellows in the inside combustion engine cooler, put in one to one thousand metallic bellows with discontinuous convex and concave shape in the cooler shell of the diesel motor or amongst the two tube plates of the cooling core.  and the welding strategy are used to correct the tube plate at one particular end, so that the movement condition of the cooling medium is transformed, so as to improve the warmth transfer coefficient and improve the heat transfer performance. The creation is novel in concept, practical in method, reduced in expense, reliable in efficiency, high in heat transfer efficiency, non-scaling, lengthy in provider daily life, and lower in thermal stress.

Force In accordance to the genuine functioning stress of the hose, check out the nominal diameter and pressure gauge of the corrugation to make a decision no matter whether to use the stainless metal mesh sleeve kind.
Nominal diameter of the size hose, choose the sort of joint (mostly flange relationship, thread connection, rapid joint relationship) and dimensions, hose length.
According to the point out of the bellows hose, refer to the right use and set up strategy of the steel hose and the best duration of the hose during settlement compensation. The calculation of the duration of the hose is in a variety of states of movement and the minimum bending times and least bending radius of the hose. The parameters are appropriately chosen and installed accurately.
Temperature The operating temperature and range of the medium in the hose the ambient temperature when the hose is operating. When  Coating Equipment  is high, the temperature correction coefficient of the operating pressure of the steel bellows at substantial temperature need to be utilised to establish the pressure soon after the temperature correction to establish the right pressure degree.  of the medium conveyed in the media hose, in accordance to the corrosion resistance parameter table of the hose materials, decide the substance of the hose areas.
Vacuum hoses are mainly used in monocry stalline silicon manufacturing to accomplish unfavorable vacuum.

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