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Hook. {a profile}

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FIRST TRACK STARTED, IT'S ALREADY PERFECT, THANK U for making my frantic rush to essay deadlines that much better (because this is totes suitable study music what) :D :D :D

just to update you, IT'S STILL AMAZINGLY GREAT (even though 8tracks is being a butthead and skipping a song every few tracks, alas)

@dragonantlers AAAAAHHH THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME REACTIONS :'D I'm so happy this helped you with your deadline rush. Hope you made it in time! do you happen to know which number it was that got skipped? Or was it several? I'll try to check if it's something I can influence somehow :)

@threadingstory NO PROBLEM, THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME MIX :'DDDD And yes, I did make it in time, thankies! :) uhhhh, it's been a few days obvs but, looking at the tracklist on tumblr, I'm pretty sure the ones that skipped were Don't Cha, Sabre Dance (I *think* anyway), The Lonely Man, and possibly a couple of others?? Sorry, that's probably not much help - but I should warn you that it's quite possibly something weird on my end? 8tracks has been doing this for me with most playlists for a while, and a couple of other mixers checked theirs and could play them right through, so you probs won't find anything wrong! <3