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Kirk/Spock Instrumental Fanmix CD 1 - The Winner Is


This started out as an experiment to see if I could tell a story through music. Therefore, all of the music in this and the companion mix either have no lyrics, or have lyrics only in a language other than English. This 'CD' is the story, while the second 'CD' is a companion featuring a collection of more awesome lyricless songs.

Hope you enjoy!

Also check out my dreamwidth here to see what each song means story-wise!

19 tracks
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Uhm. I really loved the story, and was a tiny bit inspired by the whole deal with the queen. She looked pretty beautiful in my mind, so I did a thing. Did not come out how I intended it to, but I hope maybe you like it? Wonderful mix, once again! :3

Oh my god, my jaw is dropping here!! Thank you so much for the art, the pictures looks absolutely amazing!! She looks so gorgeous and powerful, and I love the colours - the lights in the background especially are so so great! Aha, I'm smiling so hard here you don't even know! Thanks so much! <3