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Songs to chop vegetables to


Songs for washing the dishes while listening to the television in the background; continually getting distracted by magazines when you try to tidy up; munching on fresh bread while you get things together to leave the house in the morning; and just sitting back and enjoying the comfortable feeling of Your Chair.

Originally titled Domestic Daydreams but I never felt like that fit it so I changed it.

Album art from the anime Mawaru Penguindrum.

Edit: due to the soundcloud changes, I have edited this mix slightly - the Tomodachi Life Day theme has been exchanged for a different Tomodachi Life song, and another Tomodachi Life song has also been added.

12 tracks
4 comments on Songs to chop vegetables to Thank you, I'm so glad! Haha it's funny because when I first made it I really wondered whether anyone would enjoy it since the kind of aesthetic I was going for was so WEIRDLY specific ('the kind of songs that play when you're inside your house in video games') but somehow it became my most popular mix lol so I guess people did want it! :)