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Bonsai Growing

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Hey I don't know if it was purposeful or somehow automatic but on this playlist the song "Fried Rice (Prod G Eazy) Dsuperscript2" has changed since the last time I listened to it. The old one didn't have those lyrics over it (liked it better). Just wanted to check in if you knew. Also what was the old version? I like your mixes a lot. (We have spoken on Tumblr btw, I'm dodare).

@estebelle Hey, the Fried Rice song is actually a remix of Onra's The Anthem. That was the original song I uploaded on this playlist, I'm not sure how the G Eazy Song replaced it instead :O

@thunguyen96 that is so weird. Even "Until We Bleed" has changed to a very slightly different version. I just hope you take it as a compliment that I've listened to this mix enough times I can hear the difference!