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Hero <3s Villain

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In which the hero is 3000% done with this ridiculous nonsense, is distracted by babies, and moves to the country with the villain.

  • Path of Dying Leaves by Lindsay West
  • Everything That Dies by Matthew and The Atlas
  • The Show Starts Now by Cloud Cult
  • Unpack Your Heart by Phillip Phillips
  • One Republic by Something I Need
  • Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • Nothing More (The Alternate Routes) by Quiet City Studios
7 tracks
1 comment on Hero <3s Villain

@towkekon123 Probably sound better, but inaccurate as I'm referring to the romantic feeling between two specific characters I'm calling Hero and Villain for sake of simplicity, not a general feeling between all heroes and villains. Heroes <3 Villains an interesting concept for a mix though.