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Disney's Underdogs


I wasn't kidding you when I say this is Disney's Underdogs because these are the songs you might completely forgot before you hear the catchy melody and started to sing along before you know it.

I'm sorry if the artists are random but this is from SoundCloud and I don't know how to download from YouTube

P.S: i know Anastasia is not from Disney but I can't help it, it makes me feel all tingly

  • Once Upon a December by Stephen Flaherty
  • I'll Make a Man Out of You by Disney's Greatest
  • Just Around The River Bend by ashleyserena
  • Journey to the Past from Anastasia by Danyel Arianna
  • "Hellfire" Song from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. by Ahsheena Santos
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls (Movie) by KelpsD
  • Lesson Number One by Mulan
  • You'll Be in My Heart by You'll be in my heart
8 tracks
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