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Crosshairs [Connor/Hank]


A bit dark/angsty, lots of feels. I love these two's relationship, so this can be considered a ship playlist~
There's a certain progression - starts out negative with the guys' personalities clashing and Connor's doubts, then comes the revolution and awakening and it ends on a happy note, the two now in sync and comfortable with showing each other their feelings.

Tracklist: https://tiasany.tumblr.com/post/174820908077/
Coverart: https://deviqnt.tumblr.com/post/174437491807/twitter

16 tracks
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This is an amazing playlist! I love the game, I love how the song order is like a progression through the events of the game and their friendship/relationship. And yet you still managed to have all the songs be pretty much the same genre. Great work!! I love it.