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I like to express my enjoyment of the playlists I listen to with bold words and vivid imagery. But after listening to this mix, I seem to be speechless. I cannot find words fit to convey what I wish to say. I found myself back to basic forms of description as that is all I seem to know at this moment and time. What I am saying is that this mix is amazing. I have searched a long time for a playlist such as this one. One that both offers new music to me, but also one that screams a silent truth that I feel I can understand. I thank you for offering this playlist to the world, as I have finally found one that challenges me to listen to it. I so greatly want to continue on to listen to the playlist, but a sudden hesitation urges me not to, simply because I am so taken back by what you have made. This is a playlist at it's finest. Keep creating something as emotional as this, and I can swear that I will be back for more. I am so excited to hear what else you can do. Stay Sentient, ludenberg...

@Infinite Sentience I'm so pleased that you find bliss and beauty in these mixes, that message honestly made my entire night! It really makes me relieved to know these mixes are calming to others. I express my feelings, my experiences, my life through these songs and mixes. It really gives me a blissful feeling to know that there are others that relate to these mixes and enjoy listening to what I create and put together. I'm so glad that you found the mix you're looking for, and honestly so grateful you chose mine as one that you prefer. So please, let me thank you-- you aspire me to continue making mixes.