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foreign fugitive.


i know you're a fighter and you're so strong.

a mix for the puckish playboy.
i don't even know what i did with this mix.
some of the songs are like really cute
and the rest are like don't fvck with me songs.

9 tracks
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@BleedPeroxide TRUEEE thank u so much for the sweet comment luv, prompto is my favorite as always ughhh i love him so much i truly need to make a newer mix for him ❤️

I love the assortment of songs here - very appropriate for Prompto! I couldn't help but wanna hug him when "Crave You" came on. It isn't easy having a pretty 'n popular pretty boy bestie, is it?

cAlso, again, this mix is fantastic. Is this another Final Fantasy themed mix or something else? Whatever it is, I love so many of the songs that you included. Plus, "Hero" by Skillet was in there, which was my favorite part. Stay Sentient, ludenberg...

@Infinite Sentience This is a Final Fantasy mix, ahah! Yes, indeed Skillet is one of my favorite bands! Their songs are so powerful! Thank you for the support, Infinite Sentience, you're too kind. ~

ludenberg, you have once again made such an amazing mix. I cannot believe it took me this long to listen to it. I can really see that you make really special mixes that can be very personal. That is why I am requesting your help with a mix that I am creating. A good friend of mine has recently been injured and is in currently a poor condition. I am currently making a mix for him to help him through his state of pain and discomfort along with all of those who are close to him. I have seen and heard that you know a great deal of very emotional songs, so I have come to ask you if you could offer two or three song suggestions that would be good to include in his mix. I am looking for some songs that will make those who are listening to them not be sad, but instead be happy and hopeful. I wanted them to be slower songs perhaps, but still not sad. There has been enough sorrow in this story. He is my old school teacher as well. Please, I could really use some help and you were the first who came to mind. I really need some happy and positive but still slow tempo songs. Please do not feel obliged to do this request. I completely understand if you do not wish to. Also, you can also certainly delete this post if you would like. Thank you my friend.

@Infinite Sentience Excuse my delay in response, Infinite Sentience, it seems I have to invest in a new computer charger, therefore I wasn't able to get online and respond. I am also unable to respond on my phone, so please forgive me. I hear your friend is not doing well and you need new song suggestions. I would be more than glad to give you some of my favorite music selections. Some that are beautiful, delicate, yet share a powerful message. My personal favorites are Barcelona, Daughter, Gabrielle Alpin, Death Cab for a Cutie, and especially Greg Laswell. Finding the perfect song would be up to you, these artists are considered indie, my particular favorite. I hope you can find the songs you are looking for, if you need more help finding the perfect song, don't hesitate to ask! Sending my love to you, sweetheart. ~

c@ludenberg No worries at all. I'm sorry to hear that your computer is acting up. Just by looking up the artists that you so kindly suggested, I found perfect collections to the mix I am making. These are amazing choices. I am so grateful that you were able to help me. Thank you so much my friend! You have honestly helped my friend in such an immense way. He will be very grateful as well. Thank you again for your brilliance in the world of music (particularly the indie genre)!