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the gift of tears

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Awesome!! :))) Thank you very much honey. :)) Glad you enjoy it! I am a little rusty with mixes these days. This is the first one I made since early spring and I cannot wait to make more. :))) <3 xoxo

Thank you!! Playiong this quite a bit and finally with tracks sorted...Favorite track was Processory's "Non agression..", although also loved randomly Automelodi, Gold Zebra, Black Marble, Bresque Twins. I think the only song I knew was the Cosmetics one which y friend Justin put on a mix earlier this year and a great into to that band.. I like Claps (heard from u!) and Martin Dupont but didn't know those songs.. if forced to pick a least favorite track, I would say the opening track..well done mix

Thank you very much, honey! :)) The Linea Aspera track was the inspiration for making this mix. :) I am glad that you liked many of the "new to you" tracks. :) Martin Dupont and Junesse D'Ivorie are "much older but newish to me" tracks. I love finding music from the 80s I have not yet been acquainted with. :) Thanks again! xoxo