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Batfolk - Mix 1


1 "I might be too young/But honey I ain't naive": Batgirl/Robin
2 She's moved on now
3 Batman/Arkham Asylum
4 Jason Todd died a hero. He wanted to save people. That shouldn't be forgotten.
5 "I'm taking a ride with my best friend/I hope he never lets me down again/He promises me I'm as safe as houses/As long as I remember who's wearing the trousers"
6 The life and times of Dick Grayson: Robin, Nightwing, Gothamite
7 Jason, live and loud
8 For our next Robin, we'll be going metallic and dark
9 Girls aren't supposed to have fun
10 Ta-da: Cass
11 h/t Te
12 Ta-da: Jason
13 Young Timmy Entering Stately Wayne Mansion to Begin His Bat-Training
14 Live recording, of course. Oh, Steph.
15 He walks alone, folks
16 And one more Jason song to undermine all of Tim's angst

16 tracks
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