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give me a soft word

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Right. So I've got a research paper on the psychology of men and women during the Salem Witch Trials, and this is just getting me so in the zone.

I'm doing a project for english. its a sound track for the play the crucibles and your playlist is helping me so much

I adore this mix. My favorite bit would have to be where you think the mix closes out almost... tragically with the second-to-last-song, and then the LAST SONG COMES ON. I'm not sure whether or not that was intentional or whether I'm reading too much into it, but I almost get a resurrection/"live forever" sort of vibe. But anyway: this is so great, good job!

thank you so much! i felt like born to die was the girls' anthem BUT THEN feeling good was their smirking revenge on their society. so yeah, resurrection song is one way to say it! i'm so glad you enjoyed the mix!