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Ɓєтωєєη ƇσηѕтєƖƖαтισηѕ αηɗ Ɗяєαмѕ


A playlist for lonely the Spirit of Winter, trapped in the body of a young boy, forever watching time go by, and never growing older. Who plays the part of a mischievous hellion by day, and a wanderer by night.

The stars are as cold as you. Let them comfort you in your time of need. Let the night sky wrap you in it's embrace, as visions of Dreamsand dance across the sky, bringing happiness to sleeping children around the world. You are their protector. You bring Fun into their lives. You are a Guardian....

This playlist was published on December 23rd, 2015. The first day of winter!!

**Edit 11/18/2016** (Fixed some broken songs, added a description, and added some new songs!!)

11 tracks
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Oh my goodness. I completely lost it at the "Winterspell (Rise of the Guardians Edit.) I have never hit the like button so fast.