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My Teen Suicide


The songs that every time I hear them I am brought back to that familiar sadness.

The sadness of my teen depression.
The songs of my attempted suicides.

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alot of these songs are in my ipod as well.. do u happen to have a tracklist? i WISH i could listen to the whole thing.. but i dont have the time

Over My Head- The Fray
Mad World- Gary Jules
Flawed Design- Stabilo
Everybody's Fool- Evanescence
Johnny Falls- Hedley
Nothing To Lose- Billy Talent
Hate Me- Blue October
Buried Myself Alive- The Used
Savin' Me- Nicklleback
Hurt- Johnny Cash

Also, so sorry for the super late reply! Remembered someone had asked for a track list but couldn't remember on which mix XD
Hope this helps!!!

This is insanely similar to what runs through my head, I don't even like the Fray but that song is constantly running through my head.

We all go through times like these, including me.
I'm more than glad to see you survived though.
We all can. ♥