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with intent, without repent.

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The idea of a companion going dark is an extremely interesting one-one I'm surprised hasn't been done before- but of course, the Mistress needs a companion as well. Fantastic playlist! Excellent for writing to!

@fitzsimmvns that's one of the best compliments you could ever give me; that this is excellent for writing to. i rly appreciate it as i'm not a writer myself, no matter how much i'd like to be. to be able to tell a proper story without physically writing one? at least i can do that! :3

Such a fabulous mix. I LOVE the concept as well. Concept fanmixes are my favourite tbph, but I can just see Missy and Clara running laughing with blood on their dresses and necks, knives and guns in hand - especially for Hit and Run. SO GOOD.

@gated i try to tell a story with my mixes -- i have more; just have yet to put them on 8tracks. i absolutely love that you picked up on it without me having to go into any detail. thank you so so much <3