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11 Post-Rock Songs Over 10 Minutes (2.3 Beautiful Hours)


Eleven tracks including music by Bosch's With You, Locomotora and Dirty Three. An average track-length of 12.5 minutes. I challenge anyone to listen to the entire thing through.

Note, the first track in this mix ends abruptly and it's not a corrupt file-- it just happens that on the album the big crescendo that follows is on the next track for some reason, and then the song ends...

11 tracks
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sorry mate i had to close the computer and didn't get the chance to listen to the whole thing. I'm into it now though, so far it's given me great feelings and I loved those violins from Yndi Halda , and those mighty drums in Burial at Sea.

Five more tracks to go, so far it's been a wonderful audition, great to hear from you.