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here are some songs that I thought fit appropriate to various characters in this wondrous series.
for the villains, the civilians, the robbers, the assassins, and the never-dying immortals. enjoy.

[character names are placed in the song title, song tracks in the artist heading]

tracklist: http://rriven.tumblr.com/post/61315019096/characterfanmix

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19 tracks
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Astounding, each song flows so effortlessly that it just seems to seep into the tone and theme of the official ost. Thank you so very much for such a fantastic assortment of songs that suit the character and overall style of Baccano! Ah it's so great to know others appreciate this magnificent series too and it's even more impressive for you to have found and paired each song with the personality or mood of the characters. I think my favorites were the Gandor Brothers, Eve's, Chane's and Graham's. Thank you a bunch once again for creating a relaxing and jazzy ensemble, it has such a great vibe and it was even nicer to find new songs! I loved everything about this list and hope you'll continue to make more!

As brilliantly eclectic as the main cast itself - fantastic mix, and so incredibly true to the characters' spirit! All of them were perfect, though Chane's -I can't praise you enough for that one-, Nice's, Firo's and Isaac & Miria's really do stand out. The only weird thing about it is that I didn't hear Claire's piece- iIs the link to it dead or...?

@Megilien hello! wow thank you so much for this comment!!! claire's piece should be in there.....it's a jazz version of Wonderwall by Paul Anka. Thank you for listening/liking my mix <3

@timuzu My pleasure, especially since. Hooooly crap, this version [must've been some error or something, but I tracked it down after you mentioned it] is ridiculously perfect for him. My mind is reeling,like. It's flashy and confident, yet somehow relaxed; not to mention the possible nod to his feelings for Chane. Bless you for sharing this, tbh [and the 'Coolest Cat in Town' one!] ; A++++ job!

I love this playlist so much oh my God. Thanks a gazillion! A quick question though - do you know which pieces you picked for the Chopin and the Schubert? I can't think of a way to be able to identify them? Thanks a lot once again, by the way!

@namshit oh damn,,,,sorry for the super late response T___T The Schubert is Violin Sonata in A Major. the Chopin piece is Chopin's Nocturne op.9 no.2. once again sorry for responding so late!!! thank you for listening/liking this mix <3

@timuzu oh no it's totally fine - thanks so much for responding! and i'm still amazed at how well you've grasped the personalitites of the characters of the best (imho) light novel/anime series ever!