13 comments on Inhale/Exhale by tin whiskers

You just do what I Love ! All the genres, your taste of music and well put tracks !!! When ambiance surrounds me I Just " Let Go " and go into the search of true-self ... Peace <3

Nice depth to the mix, you've explored various genres and put songs together quite tastefully.. appreciate the effort. love from india

OMG! This playlist is amazing!! Me and my friends havent stopped listening to it for like a week now! like nothing else!! Sorry Safari is amazing!!

You actually typed it out twice.. aww.. Well I find music from all around the web.. naming a few would be youtube ( youtube has vast collection of very good music ).. then theres grooveshark.. stereomood.. many different facebook pages.. then there's tumblr.. and ofcourse 8tracks itself.. :).. Thanks for listening.. and I'm so glad you enjoyed :)