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The Black Rose You Promised

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Uuuuhhh! WTF is screaming in end of Eerieco Haunting??? Otherwise nice mix composition... I like yours "piano tracks". thanks 4 that.

What a treat, I've been offline a couple of days and come back to not one but 2 fantastic mixes from you. You are the Queen of the mixes <3

So so great to hear from you.. and such an honor to serve you.. :D.. Means a lot.. cuz i absolutely love your creations.. whenever i wanna hear something good.. i can turn to your mixes with eyes closed.. :D.. Thank you for your existence.. :D.. We should make a duewet sometime :D..

I would love to do a duewet with you, I've never done one before so you would have to hold my hand and walk me through it;-). Just seen you've uploaded a new mix so off to check it out now!!!

Yayy !! :D.. So excited already.. Are you on fb ? Or anyway that I could contact you apart from 8tracks.. ?? .. I'd make a mix on the duewets account by tonight.. and let you know.. :D.. This is going to be epic !!!

Hi Peppermintn, really looking forward to doing this with you!! I'm not on FB (must be the only person in the world) but I've just set up an email duewetpmt@gmail.com if you want to email me. I'm just heading out for the night but will get back to you tomorrow;-)