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synth or treat All Hallows' Eve


"synth or treat All Hallows' Eve // Halloween synth-to-the-darque"

(merci spécial à Florence & Jérôme pour les suggestions !)

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28 tracks
2 comments on synth or treat All Hallows' Eve

the perturbator remix of halloween is excellent. and umberto is just perfect for the halloween vibe. and of course, can't go wrong with goblin. really digging the mix!

oh cool, I didn't know sinoia caves have another album. I have their 'beyond the black rainbow' soundtrack, and it's pure awesome.

@dj_dim-mak i love to mix original "synth" soundtrack & more recent synth/coldwave stuff ! but never forget the classics ! (Goblin, Carpenter, etc etc!)

@dj_dim-mak and oh yes Jeremy (sinoia caves) is incredible ! have waiting so long to get my hands on the Beyond the Black Rainbow soundtrack !!!! i think i've send him more than 100 emails asking when he will be releasing it. hehehehe ! ;)

@tind I think I downloaded it from itunes. unless you're trying to get it on vinyl or something, which would be a killer of course.