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64-bit Nostalgia Mix


Twenty-three instrumental tracks from the Nintendo 64 including music by Koji Kondo, Grant Kirkhope, and Robin Beanland. One vocal track.

Not necessarily a "best of," nor an all-encompassing list, these tracks just evoke memories that make my hands yearn to grasp that trident of a controller.

20 tracks
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could you if you have the time put a track of all starcraft together i would be so grateful because i love starcraft but i cant find a loop of the sound tracks with out going to youtube and restarting it every few minutes

Unfortunately, I don't have the complete OST. I never played much Protoss, so I only have the Zerg and Terran tracks.

Your list is giving me chills. 64 was when I first heard of Starcraft. Rented it from Video Stop. Oh the good times.

Though, personally, Starcraft's not on my Top N64 List (even though I did own it), it's really those kinds of memories that contribute to the power of the experience on the whole. There were definitely plenty of good times had on the 64 and I'm happy I could do a little something to help you relive them.

yeah starcraft i remember the look of the game was considered amazingly awesome but now compared to todays stuff it sad but i still love it i will keep playing :]

Nostalgia is up there on my top favorite things to feel. This definitely brings me back to all those Saturday afternoons saving the world