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Learn Me Right // Echo's Journey


How Echo came into her own in nine steps.

[Description: Starting with her "birth" as a doll persona; her molding into obedience; years of suffering and torment; then Echo's slow realization of her personhood and now, determined, she fights to become herself.]

Tracklist: http://tiniestdormouse.tumblr.com/post/78629510242/learn-me-right-a-fanmix-for-echo-how-echo-came

Art credit: Jun Mochizuki. Edits by tiniestdormouse.

9 tracks
1 comment on Learn Me Right // Echo's Journey

Another absolutely fitting music choices! Tini, you have one of the most excellent tastes in music, and you always fit these songs perfectly to each character or pairing or concepts. Always enjoy listening to them! :)

Thanks so much! I love creating fanmixes that tell character story arcs the best, I realize, especially because when I'm listening to them, I enjoy feeling the emotional weight of the character changes so strongly. ^^

I'm especially proud of this one because I played with common sounds in this mix (bells, clockwork) as well as the lyrics/tone.