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Scientific Inquiries // Recorded by Stanford Pines


//I am a scientist - I seek to understand me.
I am an incurable and nothing else behaves like me. //

The decade Stanford was on his own, from his mad science college years to his explorations in Gravity Falls and the eventual downward slide towards paranoia and fear until he falls into the portal.

With a spot of hope at end, because that's what Ford deserves.

Part I: Undergrad at Backupsmore University
Tracks 1-3

Part II: Welcome to Gravity Falls
Tracks 4-6

Part III: "Answers Outside Our World"
Tracks 7-9

Part IV: "Trust No One"
Tracks 10-12

Part V: The Fall
Track 13

An Epilogue: Track 14


14 tracks
4 comments on Scientific Inquiries // Recorded by Stanford Pines

This is awesome! I love the story progression, and songs about (mad) science and discovery are some of my very favourite things. (Btw, thought you'd want to know that your epilogue track isn't playing for some reason.)

@SpaceMonkeyTerror Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed -- mixes about a character's story arc are my favs. ^^ I listened through, but didn't get any issues playing the last track -- maybe it was an odd site glitch? (But if you're curious, it's "Dig" by Incubus)

@tiniestdormouse You're welcome! :) Fair enough- it's happened twice for me, so it's probably just the site being weird over copyrights. (Also, whoa, that's a good song for Ford! Excellent choice.)