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it was supposed to be you and me


who ever thought this would end well?


a rayvin playlist of mixed feelings and ambiguous endings

this is meant to be a FAHC playlist about Ray leaving the crew but also applies to Xray and Vav

cover art from: http://devilheaded.tumblr.com/

10 tracks
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8Tracks only let me hear 5/10 tracks, but those were good so -v(ouo)v-. I love it when ppl put those little quotes from the lyrics in the annotations. Really sweet choice of songs, but kind of melancholy, too...

@krimbles Ah! I wonder why you can only listen to 5 songs... I'll look into that, maybe there's a problem with the playlist. I'm really glad you liked this mix, melancholy was what I was going for so I'm glad that came through! If you want to see the other songs I have the tracklist on my tumblr. Thanks so much for the lovely comment! (Also, I also love lyrics in the annotations! I put them in all my playlists!)