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of the nature of the wound


his first year in the nhl isn't easy, but jack has spent his entire life playing through the hurt.

[art by ngozi]

“About noon, an arrow entered Joan’s body, just above her left breast, at exactly the place she had prophesied to her confessor on her way from Chinon to Orléans. She fell back, in shock and in great pain. She wept, despite her foreknowledge of the nature of her wound. It is as though she were surprised, not that she had been struck by an arrow, but that it would hurt."

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Shit, accidentally hit the NSFW button (but I've contacted 8tracks so they can un-flag it), sorry :( But honestly, what a fantastic mix, both atmospherically & lyrically, and how well it fits the fic (not to mention the actual fic series itself!). Re-discovered a lot of old favourite artists here and also found some awesome new ones. Thanks for this :D