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I Would Watch That Show (soundtrack for the imaginary television series)


fanmade soundtrack to the TV show we all hope will exist someday. Mostly instrumental, jazz, electroswing, etc.

photo credit to Shiloh Strong, logo art from the graphic novel

20 tracks
8 comments on I Would Watch That Show (soundtrack for the imaginary television series)

Great track arrangement, entertaining choices — that was fantastic! (Almost want to hear Fingathing's 'Don't Turn Around,' and maybe 'Un world mysteriouse' by Dimitri From Paris in there somewhere too.)

@eorhythm thank you!! I was concerned about the more high-energy electronic tracks contrasting too much with the jazz and instrumental songs. (but I just had to include songs called "nosferatu" and "gin tonic" because. like of course.) I haven't heard of those two songs you mentioned but I'm excited to check them out!

@tinycatfeet I actually found the whole mix cohesive. The electronic elements helped unite "new time" with "old time" to give it a retro-modern feel through and through. (I was especially pleased with the "Gin Tonic" one. Dang!) Plus, I find diverse non-film score soundtracks to be the best ones anyway. (Although my opinions might be questionable in light of the ridiculous mélange I just [re]published here). I fully intend to check out your other mixes too!