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city of stars.


mix of vocaloid and kpop on piano, for your studying (yet not sleeping) needs

  • Delicious (Piano) by REYNAH
  • A Born Coward (Piano) by TOPPO★
  • 1004(Angel)(Piano) by REYNAH
  • Leia (Piano Arrange) Ver. [KoKo] by Amai_Kisu
  • EXO (Piano Cover) by Don't Go
  • 弱虫モンブラン (Cowardly Montblanc (Piano) by ワタライ
  • 너의 세상으로你的世界 (Angel) by EXO (piano cover)
  • B.A.P (Piano) by Coffee Shop
  • Rolling Girl (piano version) by user4957800
  • Big Bang ビッグバン [ Piano Version ] IRIS OST by Tell Me Goodbye
  • dbsk piano ver ( beat ) by Why did i fall in love with you
  • Vocaloid [piano] ( fandub español españa) by Karakuri Pierrot
  • Shinee (piano cover) by Sleepless Night
  • Haru Haru by Big Bang
  • Andante (Piano) by Super Junior
  • Winter Rose (DBSK) Piano Cover by RandyFarren
16 tracks
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