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i'll be bach in a minuet

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really though if you make a piano cover of any song it's instantly gorgeous
starts and ends with dbsk; i tried to be really diverse with all the artists but i think you can tell i'm sm biased

  • Winter Rose (DBSK) Piano Cover by RandyFarren
  • 0330 - Ukiss piano cover by Biella Dorky
  • Ailee(에일리) (Piano Version) by Heaven
  • Ringa Linga (Piano Cover) by Nhinnah Vo
  • Years, Always By Your Side (piano cover and sheets) by SHINee
  • 2NE1 (Piano Cover) by Missing You
  • Trap by trap
  • 光になってくれ by Block.B
  • Step (KARA) Piano Cover by RandyFarren
  • Andante (Piano) by Super Junior
  • Big Bang [ Piano Version ] BY ALBERT by Tell Me Goodbye
  • Love in the Ice DBSK by Piano
  • SISTAR() by Sistar()
  • IU" Piano Cover (Full Version w/o Instrumental) by "You & I
  • Infinite by Paradise
  • Don't spray perfume by Teen Top piano
  • 이게 무슨 일이야! (Piano Ver.) by B1A4
  • Bolero (Piano ver) by DBSK
18 tracks