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I was having a bit of a PJ Harvey day today, which made me think of you, which led me here to listen to Shannon giving PJ a good run for her money!

Actually I was thinking about you the other day, I was driving the coast road around some crazy little bays and beaches in Cornwall and couldn't help but think 'Marie would love this'. Early morning surfers, serious coastal path walkers with their poles and sensible clothing, ice-cream vans, battered old volkswagens and rapturous dogs. Y'all should come visit.

Love as always, Mark and Family x

funny, i was wondering how you were doing just the other day. those are all things i would love & a visit would be nice..maybe one of these days. it's nice to be thought of. thanks.


1. jessica lea mayfield - oblivious
2. shannon wright - a junior hymn
3. magnolia electric co. (with scout niblett) - peoria lunch box blues
4. marissa nadler - clowne towne (xiu xiu cover)
5. neil young - my my, hey hey
6. the decemberists - don't carry it all
7. damien jurado - silver timothy
8. mum - eternity is the wait between breaths
9. fever ray - keep the streets empty for me
10. thom yorke - black swan