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Excuse Me While I Go Save The World...


Whether you're going down in a hail of gunfire, swinging from chandeliers with rapier in hand, throwing fireballs from your hands, or making that final last stand, this playlist will be playing over it all...

Update: Now with added epic! *Warning* Heads may explode from awesomeness!

25 tracks
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I was only about halfway through when I posted that last comment, then the Halo track came on. Its really nice that people are still listening to that stuff - ODST has an even better soundtrack in my opinion, but all of those games have real action movie style belter soundtracks. Just really great. You really know what music makes people go 'WRAAARGGHH!', run outside and punch bears.

Not sure I'm into the beginning track - If you want inspiration for that kind of thing (epic speeches/words over music), look to a playlist called 'I will f***ing pull greatness out of you', but the rest of your mix is properly awesome. Good job.