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it comes with the surname: part 1

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wow I am having a lot of brown!striders feels.
A whole lot right now. I mean idk a lot of mixes that have striders and hiphop have a lot of semi-ironic white boy rapping songs but man.
Older brother raising the younger brother in an apartment filled with shitty swords has a whole different cast when they're young black guys and it's kind of heartbreaking. Great mix, thanks so much for making it.

to me, bro strider doesn't seem like the type of person to raise a child on white boy ironic rap. he would introduce his little brother to classic hip-hop; fill him with black pride and good music.
'the color of your skin isn't anything to be ashamed of, dave. anyone that tells you different is just scared. scared of all you can accomplish, everything you can create. remember, the people that mind don't matter and the people that matter don't mind. now, get out there and show them who's boss. make 'em praise the ground your heels scrape.'
i picked songs that would represent two brothers in an inner-city apartment, looking out for each other with unconditional love and protection. songs they could relate to. songs they'd listen to during leisure time, while sword fighting on the roof, while looking for rhyme inspiration, or while just slamming back bottles of apple juice with each other and hanging out. i'm glad you enjoyed the mix so much! (: i'll definitely make more in the future. xx

sorry, i don't mean to reply to a thread i didn't start, but i just wanted to say that this headcanon matches this mix's atmosphere perfectly. i don't mind the white boy ironic hip hop, but i do think your representation of inner-city brothers is perfect, and that this entire explanation of perfect. thanks for the tracks and the diversity.